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I honestly have a playlist that says “When You Wanna Die Press Play” and 90% of those songs are Sleeping With Sirens songs. The other 10% is Pierce the Veil and All Time Low and MGK.  
Some people may not understand. But sometimes I have nights I honestly think I won’t make it. I put my headphones in and press play. Some songs make me smile, some remind me I’m not alone and that there’s a reason that song was wrote, not just for me. But for the other people hurting. And some just make me forget how I feel for the next 3 to 4 minutes. Some might not understand. But this playlist saves my life. Those amazing people behind these songs save my life.

MGK did it ayeee #woodieoftheyear #MGK #mgkisbetter #LaceUp #ProudFan @cockpunch
Machine Gun Kelly - MTV Shows


After winning Woodie of the Year, MGK thanks his fans for being crazy and staying by his side.

Proud Rager!


And the Woodie of the Year goes to……. Machine Gun Kelly!

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It ain’t all about the fame and the hoes…


From Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram [x]

Lace Up

DEADLINE IS TOMORROW! (I can make exceptions if need be)



I think I got enough likes for this project to be a success! So here it goes!

I need all of you to record a 30-45 second video saying whatever you want to say to Machine Gun Kelly for his birthday! I know that’s not a lot of time but if the amount of people that liked it are all going to submit, I can’t have like an hour long video. So yeah, just a short clip of either what MGK/Lace Up/EST means to you or just a plain old happy birthday! I know some of us can get very emotional when it comes to talking about someone’s music saving us and thats totally fine, but I want to keep this video as upbeat as possible. Show off your posters or any MGK related paraphernalia that you want him to see! 

In addition to the video, I want to do a type of photo collage at the end, so if you all would please also attach a picture of you throwing up your L’s. 

The reason why I am asking for all of this so early is because this is my first time doing any sort of video making and I want to give myself ample time to put it together. I want it to be as perfect as possible and I need to figure our how i’m going to get him to see it as well. So please get them to me ASAP.

The email you need to send the videos to is

Kells puts his all into his music for us so lets give him something back!


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